Please follow this link to visit the archived Jindo website: www.jindos.com.


NOTE from Website Owner:

Unfortunately in the past 6 years, I have not been able to devote as much time and energy to updating www.jindos.com as I had planned; however, much of the Jindo information is still relevant except for one piece of information. 

The Jindo is now registerable with the American Kennel Club-Foundation Stock Service. This was triggered by dogs registered with The Kennel Club being shipped from the United Kingdom to the U.S. Only a few dogs were registered through this way.

A few years afterwards, however, the AKC and the FCI came to a reciprocal agreement, and the AKC will now accept FCI/Korea Kennel Federation Jindos to their AKC-FSS registry. This opened the floodgates for many Jindos to be AKC-FSS registered.

With Jindos in the AKC-FSS, it is now doubly important that the breed is safeguarded from unscrupulous breeders exploiting the breed for money or ego.  

People who are looking to buy a Jindo should review ALL the information contained on my website, especially what a Jindo should and shouldn't look like, and practice good judgment if a breeder is a good breeder or not.

Please support responsible breeders, consider directly importing new blood for responsible breeders, or consider a rescue/shelter Jindo.   

If interested in learning about my endeavors in responsible breeding and educational promotion of the breed, please check out my new kennel website located at www.yooshinkennels.com.  




last updated 1/28/2015